Strategic Consulting


If you don't know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere.


Without a map, where would you go?


Business strategies need clear definitions to evolve, and a good place to start is research.


Competitive Research

By defining your target audience clearly, you set the stage to know and understand your prospects and competition. Learning about your customer's needs and preferences helps you chalk out a competitive strategy to zero in on the target market effectively. Of course, your competition shapes this strategy significantly. We assay the competition's sites not as developers or programmers, but as users: testing the inner-workings of their processes, marketing offers, and content decisions.


Internet Strategy Development

A sound business strategy helps your business optimize its web content to achieve business goals. Our expertise in user experience, design, development, marketing and branding help strengthen your brand identity and streamline your online presence. Close collaboration implies smooth functioning of operations, pluging in gaps where you didn't know they existed. The end result is a dynamic and ingenious blueprint of success.


Web Site Evaluations

We help you identify if your current website is actually helping you achieve your business goals and to what degree. We use a number of objective and subjective tools to analyze and deliver the answer in easy to understand points. We clearly outline how well you  perform against the competitors and provide a full detailed report with recommendations and examples on how and where your site can improve.


The website performance analysis report includes how your site behaves on different platforms and browsers, how it displays on your targeted browsers, and an exploration into better or different coding options that may make your site more profitable to you.





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