Online Marketing & SEO


How do you get your voice heard in the cacophony of the global marketplace?


Nowadays words such as SEO and PPC have increasingly become commonplace. With so many web solutions companies parroting easily marketable gimmicks, it can be quite difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.


At Webworx, we never loose sight of the big picture. Our marketing team provides a complete package of services tailored to maximize your web presence and ROI. We are committed to understanding your long term business goals and deploy the latest technologies and skills to help you achieve these goals.


The primary ways by which we can help drive more traffic to your website are:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s quite simple: you cannot undervalue the importance of SEO. There’s research data to prove it and we could probably list a few, but we’d rather not bog you down with numbers. We could, however, evaluate the figures for you and tell you, SEO matters! After all, it makes sense to put the tooth where the tooth fairy could find it!


Our SEO services include a detailed analysis of your current website and suggestion of appropriate changes to help boost search engine rankings. A brand new search engine friendly website would include strategic META tags (such as keywords and description tags), linkage with appropriate partners for online marketing and advertisement positioning, and submission to popular search engines and other directories.


The Webworx team keeps abreast of popular search engines’ research processes, continually adapting its SEO strategies to the fast changing and ever evolving web technologies and applications.


Email Marketing

You’ve laid the table, prepared a seven course meal, even bought some exquisite wine; but who’s coming for dinner if the invites haven’t been sent out?


Obviously, you need to spread the word around.


Email marketing is cost effective, can generate leads, and expand your database. However, when used carelessly, it spells SPAM—instantly labeled trash and deleted nonchalantly. This amplifies the need for qualified professionals who can navigate all the barriers to successfully reach potential and existing clients.


Practicing responsible email marketing is critical to a positive customer relationship, whether prospective or existing. Information about ongoing marketing campaigns including direct emails, newsletters, weekly specials, seasonal discounts, etc. can be communicated using customized softwares designed especially to suit your business models.





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