How We Do It


1: Strategy Review


As we gather requirements for your website, we work with you to understand your business mission, the services or products that you offer, and your target audience. During this review, you are welcome to share marketing literature or planning documents with us, so that we may best understand your business.


2: Style Discussion


We answer any questions that you may have about the layout and style options available for web sites. As we move forward, we'll discuss your vision for the look-and-feel of the website, and we will design a layout that is right for your business.


3: Content Gathering


You probably have plenty of content for your website already, and now is the time for you to email content to us. In case you don’t, we offer content writing and copywriting services too.  Documents, brochures, advertisements, coupons, customer testimonials, business cards, letterhead, newspaper articles, charts, menus, staff rosters, and pictures can all be included in your website.


4: Prototyping


We create a sample page based on the planned design for your website. This is an early opportunity for you to request style changes, before we complete construction of your entire site.


5: Site Creation


During construction of your site, we keep you updated about the status of your project. If we think any additional content or images would further enhance your site, we'll suggest these at this time.


6: Site Launch


Webworx tests your site thoroughly to ensure that it meets all objectives, and you have final approval before the site is posted. Once you approve the site, we deploy it to our web servers.   To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 30-day period for content and most style changes, even after your website is deployed.


7: Promotion


Webworx includes a number of promotion features with your website. Every web package includes:



8: Updates and Upgrades


We are constantly improving the technology used to host and serve your site. You will benefit from these software and technology upgrades for free!

Adding images and new content to your web site is a great way to enhance the experience of your repeat visitors, because they'll want to know what new features or deals you offer!  Contact us if you're considering updating your website.





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