Burnt Your Fingers?


I’ve tried something similar before and I don’t want to grind my teeth to the roots again.


Outsourcing—it’s almost become a dirty word these days. Of course, the cost-advantage is alluring but that’s not the only factor, right? After all, curry isn’t simply any curry, and everyone doesn’t become a master chef in a week’s time! There are numerous inept companies that have eagerly jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon and you’re probably wondering if we are going to drive you round the bend too.


At Webworx, we never keep our clients in the dark about project status. Daily work progress, number of resources employed, man-hours utilised, etc. are a few of the basic elements of our daily reports. All projects are overseen by a project manager who ensures timely delivery of quality work and he/she, along with the other team members, is always available through email, chat or telephone for discussions and follow-up. You can know more about our team and infrastructure on the Who We Are page and our process procedures are detailed in the How We Do It section.


We understand that an unpleasant outsourcing experience has probably shaken your belief in the feasibility of such a partnership and it’s difficult for you to entrust your hard-earned new project to another company.  That is why Webworx offers a trial of its services in the form of a pilot project that is priced very reasonably and you are under no obligation to commit to a contract unless you’re happy with our performance.


We would be happy to lend an ear to your outsourcing apprehensions. Please contact us to get in touch.





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